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January 5, 2017
Inspired Destiny

What’s on the Surface?


Ultimately, Inspired Destiny is about finding out what is truly valuable to you and honoring it. Dr. John F. Demartini illustrates key principles through anecdotes and observations of human behavior. It contains theoretical principles about the Universe and psychology not often spoken of by other authors. Included within are important questions and exercises to help you create your ‘master plan for life’. Overall, Inspired Destiny is a useful blueprint manual for awakening your purpose.


  • The significance of values and “voids”.
  • The importance of knowing your own values.
  • How to transcend your fears and emotions.
  • How to get paid to do what you love.
  • How to get clear on your purpose
  • The principles of manifestation

How can I apply this in my life?

  • Get clear on your purpose – Do you know what you would love to do with your life?
  • Understand how values impact your life – Have you ever really considered what’s truly valuable to you?
  • Create a master plan for life – Do you have a strategy for achieving what you want in life?
  • Learn tools for overcoming emotional limitations – Do you have fears and blocks that hold you back?

What Lies Beneath?


Axiology (the study of values) is one of the least studied ologies, yet our values are one of the most profound aspects about us. They determine our individuality. What we perceive through our senses. And how we perceive and react to the world.

Our values dictate our destiny. – Demartini

The central theme of the book is that our values play the most important role in our lives. Once we’re able to understand our unique set of values, we’re able to align our purpose with what is most meaningful to us. Acting in alignment with your values will greatly increase your likelihood of achieving your goals. You will have more inspiration, and need less motivation. Throughout Inspired Destiny there are numerous questions and exercises that will help you identify your “hierarchy of values”.

Identifying my own values has been one of the most rewarding exercises in my life. When I became clear of my values, I was able to let go of the unrealistic expectations to meet goals outside of what was truly important to me. By consciously linking aspects of my life to my highest values, I have been able to bring energy to tasks that I otherwise would resent. When facing a task that drains me of enthusiasm. I ask the question: how does this task benefit my first, second, and third highest value? At first it may be a struggle to see how it serves. But the more you find the benefits, the more energy you invoke. This is due to your natural innate desire to want to fulfill what is most important to you. You are naturally energetic when fulfilling your highest values.

We generally think we know what we like and dislike. But often there are aspects of our lives that we are blind to or ignore. The process of determining your values examines every aspect of your life. How do you fill your space? How do you spend your time? What do you spend your money on? What do you think about most? What do you speak about most? What do you react to? What energizes you? What inspires you? The outcome reveals your ‘hierarchy of values’.

What you think your values are and what they actually are can be two very different things. – Demartini

This awareness allows you to understand why you unconsciously attract or avoid certain people or situations throughout your life. When you can honor your own unique values, you won’t compare or inject the values of others. By not comparing your values to other people’s, you eliminate all feelings of self-righteousness, self-’wrongteousness’ (sic), depression, and/or jealousy.

Dr. John F. Demartini offers a free resource to determine your values on his website.

Hierarchy of Values

Everyone has a unique set of values called a ‘hierarchy of values’. With no set of values more or less important than the rest; they are each unique. It is what makes us all unique in our expression. Your hierarchy of values is an order of your values from highest to lowest. You will generally divert your time, energy, resources, and attention to anything higher up on your hierarchy of values. And you will sacrifice whatever is lowest for whatever is highest. A set of values may look something like this:

  1. Listening to music, going to concerts, playing an instrument.
  2. Spending time with family
  3. Reading books, watching movies
  4. Astronomy
  5. Walking in the park

Identifying your hierarchy of values is an important and valuable exercise for understanding your behavior and motives. Once we are clear on what we value, we can divert our resources according to what’s most important to us. We can then honor the values we have, and eliminate unjust feelings of guilt for wanting to do what’s most important to us. You can only ever expect and guarantee another person to do one thing in life– to live according to their own values.


The polar opposite of a value, as described by Demartini, is a ‘void’. Voids drive your values. What you perceive to be most missing becomes most important. If you lack wealth, you seek wealth. If you lack relationships, you seek relationships. As your perception of the void grows bigger, your drive to fill that void grows with it. That point is as simple as it sounds. However; Demartini poses that the truth according to the underlying order of the Universe is that you already possess everything you’re seeking. That nothing is missing in actuality. When you are able to identify what form you already own it, you then have the power to transform it.

Everything you might seek is already present in your life, but it’s in a form you may not yet recognize. – Demartini

The same is said about human traits. Of the 4600 that Demartini has identified: he says we express every single trait to equal degree according to the uniqueness of our own values. Understandably more difficult concepts to grasp. This book explains these ideas briefly, but with far less thoroughness than some of Demartini’s other material. As the blurb states: the book was “based on a program originally developed for young people seeking direction”. Indeed, this book feels more focused on developing your life plan than elaborating on the metaphysical underpinnings of his concepts. It is worth mentioning Demartini’s other book named The Breakthrough Experience which dives into those subjects much deeper; albeit, for another purpose. Despite the brief explanations for those metaphysical concepts, the primary lessons of the book remain. Voids drive values, and values are what determine your purpose.


How can I get paid handsomely to do what I love? A frequently visited question in popular self-help literature. Inspired Destiny answers this question by describing the importance of service and the power of ‘fair exchange’. Fair exchange is exchanging value for equal value.

After determining your values, Demartini speaks to the importance of identifying a marketable ‘void’. A void that your unique expression of your values can fill. Thereby fulfilling a need while doing something that is meaningful to you. Turning your vacation into vocation (career). The integration of a service with your purpose will greatly increase the likelihood of you reaching your goals. By linking a service to your purpose, you maintain fair exchange with the Universe. Your purpose is no longer purely self-serving.

When you help people get what they want out of life, you get what you want out of life. The common saying bodes well here, “you don’t get something for nothing”. Being in fair exchange with others psychologically allows you to maintain balanced emotions. You also won’t over or undervalue yourself, or other people. The leaders and great minds of history who have left legacies still felt today weren’t self-serving. They had a purpose that served other people; their countries; and the entire world.


Demartini poses that there are 7 primary fears for each area of life. Also, there are 9 primary emotions that distract and limit us. These may hold you back from what you would love to accomplish in your life.

7 Primary Fears
  • The fear of going against a spiritual authority (spiritual)
  • The fear of not being smart enough (mental)
  • The fear of failing (vocational)
  • The fear of losing or not making money (financial)
  • The fear of angering your loved ones or losing their respect (familial)
  • The fear of rejection (social)
  • The fear of not being physically attractive or having enough vitality (physical)

9 Primary Emotions
  • Future fear
  • Past guilt
  • Resentment
  • Regret
  • Sadness/depression
  • Intimidation
  • Stress
  • Grief/loss
  • Betrayal

In Inspired Destiny there are countless exercises to help deal with each of these fears and mental barriers. Your emotional misperceptions may prevent you from realizing your potential. Therefore, it is valuable to work on ‘dissolving’ these emotions. The act of dissolving fears and emotions will be vital in breaking through barriers along your journey. Undealt with emotion, is unnecessary baggage.

Master Plan

If you have never thought about a plan for your life, it’s unlikely that you have a clear direction. Without a direction, it is difficult to make decisions or work towards a common goal. In this book you are encouraged to begin formulating a ‘master plan’ for life. As the saying goes: a shorter pen is better than a longer memory. I believe there are significant benefits to writing down your thoughts and desires. Keeping a journal or a ‘life book’ is a smart way of compiling all your goals and insights in one place. A life book encompasses all of your visions and desires for your life.

Inspired Destiny has you start your master plan by looking at the ‘7 areas of life’. What do you envision you would love to ‘be, do, and have’ for each area? The aim being: to help you gain clarity of your purpose. The clearer you are about your purpose, the more certainty, presence, gratitude, and poise you will have. Resources tend to gravitate to higher ordered systems. People are more likely to invest in a project that is detailed and thorough, than an after-thought idea. Therefore, to have more people be a part of your purpose and help you achieve your dream; it is wise to demonstrate absolute certainty in your direction.

Writing and refining your purpose statement over time will bring you greater clarity on what you ultimately would love to dedicate your time and energy to. – Demartini


Inspired Destiny is a meaningful and simple book on discovering your values and purpose. The book is the next-best experience to having a personal life-coach helping you create a master plan for your life. The questions prod and poke you mentally from different angles, to ensure you have clarity and certainty about your vision.

Thank you for reading.

Time to discover your purpose! If you have received value from my blog and want to support it, then please purchase Inspired Destiny using this link so that I may receive 6% commission at no extra expense to you. Share this on social media using the icons below. ↓



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